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I want to thank you for sending the Yak Handmade Paper samples to me.  I decided to try out the paper using India Ink Pens, and I am very pleased with the result.  This paper is perfect for ink!  It adheres to the paper beautifully creating a great result.  I like the thickness of the paper and love the texture.  I am excited to try the Yak Handmade Paper using watercolour and acrylic and would definitely use it again for India Ink.
Barbara Pickering
July 30, 2017
C'est très intéressant. Je ne connais pas ce papier. Je serais très intéressée à le faire découvrir à mes élèves aussi. Merci et bonne journée
Chantal St-Pierre
Artiste en arts visuels  - Montérégie, Québec, Canada
July 18, 2017
Hi Amir, it is great to have a fellow paper maker message me. Your work sounds very interesting and the paper looks very well made. I will look you up on your website. please keep in touch. Good luck best wishes Chrissie
Chrissie Heughan
Paper maker artist  - Chrissie Heughan Paper, Edinburgh, UK
July 07, 2017
Watercolor Sketch 2017. Good generous people at Yak paper Iran (handmade I believe) sent me free sample to test out their 140lbs wc paper. I'm still testing out. It behaves quite different from the western papers. I did like the uneven texture so far...
Bhupinder Singh
July 07, 2017