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آتلیه تولیدی-هنری کاغذ یاک

تولید کننده انواع کاغذ و مقوا 100% دست ساز آرتیست (نقاشی -طراحی) در گراماژ و ابعاد متنوع

YAK Paper Mill is a professional hand paper making studio
producer of paper making supplies & equipment

YAK handmade papers fibers

YAK Handmade Papers

YAK Handmade Papers are handcrafted in our workshop located in Alborz, IRAN. We use a variety of long fibers including linen, cotton, sugar cane, and etc. No synthetic fiber, rags or recycled paper is used. The fiber is mixed with pure water of almost neutral PH and beaten to a pulp in our beater. We form the sheets one by one using traditional mold and deckle and each complete sheet has 4 deckle edges on all sides. Each newly formed sheet is couched onto a felt, and the post of wet papers is pressed in a 100-Ton hydraulic press and restraint dried. We guarantee the longevity and strength of our papers from view point of the material and techniques used.

All our paper is ideal for:

– painting (watercolor, acrylic, pastel, ink, etc.)
– printmaking
– drawing
– letterpress printing
– calligraphy (burnished with polished agate stone)
– embossing

and anything for which handcrafted papers may be desired.